Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation week. Have you thanked a teacher?  

I have seen several Facebook posts on great teacher gifts and others asking teachers what their best gift has been.  Mine is simple.

As a teacher all I really want is a 'Thank you' from parents. That's it. It could be in the form of a card or just verbally, just a simple, heartfelt 'Thank you'. 

I put a lot of extra time into my lessons and projects to make sure learning is fun for your students and is keeping them engaged (like the majority of other teachers do). I spend countless hours researching, planning, preparing, and finding the most exciting way to teach something like fractions or writing. I love what I do with all my heart and it shows in my classroom.

I'm not looking for an expensive or elaborate thank you gifts.  I knew coming into this that my thank you's would be seeing your child's eyes light up when they finally understand a concept or hearing how excited they are to be coming to school. It's wonderful when students tell me how excited they are to come to school or that they are excited about a project or subject we are working on. Those are the types of things that money can't buy and nothing can replace, but parent thank you's are huge.

The most wonderful gifts I have received this year have come from parents. The first was after second quarter report cards. You always dread when the "Note Enclosed" box is checked. I saw this and panicked trying to figure out what could have happened or what questions the parents could have. I opened up the report card envelope and it was a note from my student's mom thanking me for all my time, effort, and communication I have had with her and how I've helped her son. I was touched.

The other was an email from another parent thanking me for looking out for his student and being there when the student needed me. I told him I care about his student as my own and that I would always be there for his student. The wonderful words just kept flowing in the email telling me how his child loved coming to school and the impact I've had in his child's life. I sat at my computer screen crying. It took me a bit to take in and finally reply back.

If you're wondering what to get your child's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week, thank them for all they do for your child. :)

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