Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Made It - June 29th

I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics and joining in with her Monday Made It! 
My goal is to keep up with this every week, keep your fingers crossed for me.
I only have one "Made It" for today and that is a Novel Unit that my 4th grade team and I created together. Our school is fortunate enough to be 1:1 with laptops now, so we wanted to cut down on the paper and copies. We created this in Google Docs. The goal is to have everything in one document so that it is easy to check in and you do not have a lot of files floating around. This could be printed out if you would like to do that.

Even though the document says for a 4th/5th grade class, this would be easy to adapt for any grade level.

The file is a View Only, but you can make a copy to save as your own and edit as you please.
The BFG Novel Unit
I would LOVE any constructive feedback from this as I am working on novels for other books. Please be sure to follow my blog to continue getting updated on EdTech and using technology in your classroom.

Thank you for coming by!

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