Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharing & Unsolved Mysteries

Good Friday evening!

This will be 1 of 2 posts tonight because both posts are on separate topics.

I have had the wonderful pleasure the past two days to share all of my teaching procedures, lessons, ideas, projects, etc, with two of my friends who are moving to fifth grade.

Let me just tell you this now... I. LOVE. TO. SHARE!!  LOL  I really do.  I get all excited when someone asks me to share my thoughts and ideas.

Both meetings went so well that we decided to keep it up throughout the school year and keep exchanging ideas.  What was nice was that all of us had the same train of thought... challenge the students and set high expectations.  We had some great conversations and ideas going. :)  It was nice to get feedback from different teachers who haven't taught fifth grade.

I am so excited to see what happens during the school year and what they come up with.

Anyways on school related topics....

I am working on re-doing a project I did last year with two of my friends at work.  It was an Unsolved Mysteries project. The kids absolutely LOVED it!  Even my kids who were on a lower level were completely engaged in this project.  It was nice to see the kids getting to be creative as well as working together to solve a mystery.

Here's how it worked:

The Unsolved Mysteries were creatures or places such as Atlantis, Loch Ness monster, mermaids, big foot, etc.  Students were split in to small groups. The students then did a research paper drawing a conclusion if these creatures or places really exist. Not only did they have to do a paper, but they had to include evidence... this is where the creativity came in.  They had to provide pictures and "real" evidence.

I was amazed at the creativity in the evidence.  Students created scales and hair/fur samples of creatures and artifacts from places.  They didn't even complain about the research portion.  Each day I was asked if they were going to be working on their project.

Has anyone done a project similar to this?  Once I get it all spiffed up and more detailed I will be posting it in my store, so be sure you're following me on TPT :)

PS: Welcome to all the new followers!  I was blown away that I went from 25 to 42 followers in 2 days!!! You guys are awesome!!!  I am so happy you are all here.


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