Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Made It - Teacher Binder

I have been waiting to be able to jump around 4th Grade Frolics Monday Made It and am so excited I finally have something!! After you're done here click the button above and go check out the other Monday Made Its :)

Right now I just have a school made it, perhaps there will be a house made it next week :)  We shall see.

Here is my teacher binder, inspired from 4th Grade Frolics binder.  I really loved how she had her's organized in just 6 tabs.

I created the dividers using digital paper.... How did I not know about this wonderful thing called digital paper!!  I have been on the internet for, like, ever and have been working with graphics, posters, websites, etc and never heard of it til reading about the binder.

The digital paper is from

Frame from

2 questions for you guys... 
#1.  I read the terms of use for the paper, so would it be okay if I posted these in my TPT store for Free to help out other teachers?  I'm still new to all of the copyright and licensing. I was thinking I could since it will be free, but wanted to double check :)

#2   How do you post your website with the title in the comments?  I have tried to google for the answer and  have searched through my profile... but to no avail.
Basically I want it to look like this: Shutters & Scribbles

On a separate note -

I am so excited I get to take my sister-in-laws maternity pictures today!!  I have such cute ideas for them.  I have been searching for ideas, because this is my first maternity shoot, but all of them looked too... well... calm for my brother and his wife.  They needed something more lively and silly.  I'll hopefully be able to post pictures tonight after I edit some :)

Funny story... my sis-in-law is due on July 26th, but her doctor has said she'll probably be early.  Well yesterday she thought she was having contractions and I flipped.  "No! She can't have him today! We haven't taken pictures!" LOL  Yeah... real nice right?  Anyways, she has a doctor's appointment today so we'll be finding out more information.

It's very exciting... so far I have 2 nieces, and will be having 1 nephew by the end of July.  I love being the aunt and getting to spoil them.

Well I hope you enjoyed the post and I'll be checking back in to see what everyone else has made today!


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