Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Day & Limited Time Freebie

This day was certainly a roller coaster!  If you stick through this blog post there's a special goody for you at the end ;)  Let's see who else can relate to my day, I'm sure a lot of you can.

First off, I was running late this morning and was squeezing the life out of my shampoo bottle trying to get the last little bit.  Upon arriving at school I then remember I have a half day substitute and no plans... nothing ready for them.  It's rush, rush, rush to get everything together and ready.

My students were being good, chatty as usual but we're working on that.  I go to give them their Math test... and it disappeared!  I searched EVERYWHERE! I even had kids helping me look for them and there was no sign.  I print some new ones, pass them out then... they suspiciously appear on my desk where I know I had just dug through.  Now I hate to think negative thoughts of students but this was just too suspicious and I am 99.9% certain someone took it.. and I am 99.9% certain of who it was...but, honestly, I was not in the mood to deal with it so I ignored it.

Anyways, the training went well, but here's the exciting part.  In our district we are implenting the DII (Direct Interactive Instruction) strategies from Action Learning Systems.  They're real fun strategies and things you probably do in your room already.  So our coach was talking to us then turned to me and asked if I had a TeachersPayTeachers account.  I was all surprised because I had never said anything to her or around her about my store.  I told her yes and then she preceded to tell me how when you search for DII products on TPT my Standard & Objective posters are the only products to pop up!

We then talked about my store and I asked her about posting DII lesson plans on there and she thought it would be great because she has a lot of teachers looking for them :)  So that's my next project!  I was so thrilled though that she was able to find me! What a small world!

That was my big excitement for the day!

Just as promised here is your special treat!  Ijust got finished making binder covers for a gradebook :)  They are free only for a limited time!  Enjoy!

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