Thursday, July 5, 2012

Being a Teacher....

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That's such an interesting topic because if you would have asked me 7 years ago what being a teacher meant to me, my answer would be slightly different.  No one really knows what they're getting into when they become a teacher and when you're first looking for a teaching job you're bubbly, excited, and ready to teach young minds without knowing EVERYTHING that comes along with the profession.  I remember my answer to that question in my interview.  It was very short and sweet, as I was VERY nervous.  My responses do differ since I have had experience now, but the heart behind it remains the same.  I am very passionate about what I do and anytime someone asks me this question I get teary-eyed because I'm so passionate.  Even now as I sit here typing this post, early afternoon enjoying some iced tea with my kitten asleep on my lap, I am teary-eyed because this means so much to me and I am so blessed to be in this profession.

7 years ago...
Being a teacher to me means helping students to grow and learn.  It's exciting to see their eyes light up when they have that "light bulb" moment of finally understanding a concept.

Being a teacher means long (unpaid) hours and working through, what the rest of the world considers, vacation time.  It means searching for so long on how to differentiate your instruction because you have a small group of students who are still not getting it.  Staying up late working on lessons plans, only to get to school super early to make sure you're prepared for the day.  Being a teacher means that you have to be flexible and learn to work with different personalities and appreciate your students and fellow teachers differences and opinions.  It means being open to change and being able to change very quickly.  It's essential to be able to handle stress well and not to get overwhelmed easily.

It also means... getting to touch 33 new students' lives every school year...  To be there with those students through their struggles and helping them through it, both in and out of school.  It means doing all you can to help them now because you're afraid of what may happen next year if they do not get help.  It means being there to enjoy and celebrate their successes with them... even if it does not happen for several years.  It means being a lifelong mentor and being a trusted adviser.  Most of all it means being a strong, supportive, constant in these children's ever changing lives... so that they know when they're at school they are in a safe and happy environment where they are loved.


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