Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Standard & Objectives Posters

Well it's summer time and I simply cannot get my mind off of school.  Have I mentioned how excited I am for next year? :)  I have so many new ideas to do next year and a huge lists of projects to complete this summer.

Project #1

Towards the end of last year we found out the school district I work for was going to implement DII (Direct Interactive Instruction) from Action Learning Systems.  At first it was an overwhelming thought, everyone was thinking it was just one more thing to do... but it wasn't!  It was simply just teaching us how to be better teachers and how to better engage the students.  The experience was wonderful.  My team and I really enjoyed it and took a lot from it.  If your school is looking into it, get excited!  I highly recommend this!

One of the things we learned was to break down the standards.  If you are like I am, my team and I had already done this for some of the standards which clearly have different pieces to them.  However we were taught to take it one step further and break down some of the more difficult, complex standards into smaller, more manageable lessons using objectives.  The point of the objectives was to help concentrate the focus of the lesson better.

My grade level and I worked together to break everything down into objectives and typed it all up. I then took what we typed up and made cutesy posters using graphics from The 3AM Teacher . :)  I am all about making things cute and colorful.

 Here is a peek at how they turned out:

The entire set of 5th grade standards are available HERE.  I hope you guys enjoy them!

Off to the next project!


PS: Thanks again to The 3AM Teacher for allowing me to use her graphics for my cute posters.  Check out her store for more super cute clip art.


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