Sunday, June 15, 2014

Under Construction

Happy Sunday!

It is quite obvious that there have been a lot of changes going on with the blog. Yesterday my amazing friend, Kristen, over at Teaching In A Nutshell took over my blog and began the redesigning process. During all of the construction my blog will remain fully functional and I will still continue to update it regularly.  The main design is completed and so now you will be seeing the template getting spiced up with design.

I totally forgot to take before pictures, but I did find what my old banner looks like so you can make some type of comparison.



This new design reflects my personality so much more than the old one! I love the colors and the design of the banner; it's so much brighter and more cheerful!  I am so excited to see what else she comes up with. :)  Be sure to stop by her super cute blog and show her some love too at Teaching In A Nutshell

Luv ya!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so happy you like it! I'm enjoying making this for you!



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