Friday, July 20, 2012

Awesome Week & Unsolved Mystery Update

Wow... this week has been so AWESOME!  

First off this week started with me going to see Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae in concert with my cousins.   We were in the 3rd row from the front on the floor! It was so amazing!  Here are a couple of pictures I took:

Just a note... no zoom was used... this was how close we were :)

Then on Thursday I got to go with my cousin and aunt to the Batman marathon at our local theater and see The Dark Knight Rises at midnight!!!  Let me just say... the movie ROCKED!!!
Now onto school stuff.  :)  I don't officially go back until August 13th when I have training to become a Tech Teacher for my school site, which I'm very excited about.  So I still have a bit of time; however I'll probably be down at my classroom earlier getting things prepared.  My amazing principal is getting me tables for my classroom, so I'm excited to get those set up and ready to go.

I have been working on the Unsolved Mysteries project for class and so far here is a list of topics I have for their choices: 

The Chupacabra                Big Foot                 Mermaids
Loch Ness Monster           Lake Michigan Monster
Giant Squid                       Abominable Snowman/Yeti
Easter Island                     Stonehenge             Atlantis
Brown Mountain Lights     Crop Circles

What do you guys think?  Any other suggestions?  As soon as I'm done with this project I'll be posting it in my TPT store :)

I will be back on Sunday with another update then going to work really hard to link up with Tara again for the Monday Made It :)

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